The Beauty of the Afterwards

The wife writes: 

 Have you ever experienced the beauty of being together after being disciplined, when the dark clouds that hung over the relationship are gone, blown away by the cleansing of the discipline, and the sun comes out again to shine on a couple’s renewed love and devotion?

 Well, I have, and it was a glorious experience. Let me try to relate it to you as best as I can.

Authoritaet und Liebe

Who grew up in the 1970s and 80s in (West) Germany - for the former GDR I do not like talking about - who knows a thing or two about anti-authoritaerer education. Rules were frowned upon and were limited within the minimum necessary; Mass arrangements were also frowned upon, and if there had to be times "gespustet out of the nest" then, as my dear mother used to say, then so a guilty conscience was always associated, at least in Nachherein . Instead limits and instructions have been with children, already small children, argues and built on their cooperation - even if they were still too young to understand what was expected of them since. In plain language, children were run.

Pantaloons 2